Guardian Bedside Bedwetting Alarm Bedding Kit - One Stop Bedwetting
Guardian Bedside Bedwetting Alarm Bedding Kit - One Stop Bedwetting
Guardian Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Waterproof Bedding - One Stop Bedwetting

Guardian Bedside Bedwetting Alarm Bedding Kit

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  • This Bedding Kit includes Guardin Bedwetting Alarm and choice of any one waterproof mattress pad
  • Our most comfortable bedside bedwetting alarm kit yet. Save time and money with this kit exclusively designed to stop bedwetting in teens and monitor bedwetting in adults
  • Soft and comfortable reversible cotton mat with Fast Detect™ Technology immediately alerts the adult and/or caregiver when a bedwetting accident occurs. Also wakes up teens on detecting the first drop of urine
  • Comfortable 30” X 24” reversible soft cloth cotton bed mat is designed for maximum comfort and can withstand a weight of up to 300 lbs
  • Prisma waterproof mattress pads are super absorbent, machine washable and dryer friendly
Recommended for: Children Teens Deep Sleepers Adults

When ordering, choose the correct size with wings or without wings.
34″ x 36″ size fits twin size mattress. 54″ x 36″ fits full size mattress.
With wings feature two 18″ tuck-ins on either side to hold bedding in place.

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Dry Nights

5 out of 5

Bought this alarm for my special child. I just wanted to make sure I was connecting it correctly for good result. Customer service was extremely helpful also gave me some very helpful tips that should improve my son's bed wetting. This was beyond my expectations! I would definitely recommend this product!! They don't just want to sell products, the... More..

We love this

5 out of 5

I read so many reviews from so many different alarms before buying this one. so I took a step of faith and went ahead to buy this alarm for two reasons: better alarm and good customer service. I hope it works for you too!... More..

Work wonders on keeping my son dry.

5 out of 5

It took only 3 nights to start working. First two nights it woke him twice, third night once and only damp. Since then he's woken up before the alarm went off and been dry 6 nights out of 7! He loves it, feels so much better about himself! I strongly recommend the product.... More..

Awesome support

5 out of 5

Great product. 100% helped my child I also perfect customer service experience.... More..

Tons of Options

5 out of 5

Many bedwetting kit options with this alarm. I preferred bedding kit that is solving my purpose well. The Alarm is life changing! For us the alarm went off the first 4-5 days and now he wakes up to go. It's amazing! Thank you .... More..

For my daughter

5 out of 5

I used this alarm for my daughter who is a deep sleeper This has been a game changer for her. She within two weeks of using this alarm has started getting up dry every morning and my bed got saved from stains with these protective bedding.... More..

This works and fast!

5 out of 5

We bought this alarm after reading other reviews and it worked for my 6year old son. He took three weeks to start getting up dry but I am still using the waterproof bed pad for safety of my bed. I was very skeptical in buying it, but I am SO glad I did. Best thing ever!... More..

Beyond worth it.

5 out of 5

The quality and the amount you get is wayyyyyyy worth the price. truly a miracle to go from bed wetting up to 4 times a night to being completely dry in less than 3 weeks. I highly recommend giving this a try; the bedding and night light are just perfect combination.... More..

It works and is worth the $!

5 out of 5

My 7yo started bed wetting out of nowhere. After weeks of trying on our own, his pediatrician recommended an alarm like this. By the end of week two we were accident free!!!Bedding is a bonus with this alarm.... More..

Expensive but works

5 out of 5

I go tte boost alarm with reversible bedding for my son. He used to wet so many times a night that we thought he would never stop bedwetting. But all that has changed thanks to this system. The alarm is loud and wakes him up every time. The bedding is a little small though. I got the 34x36 size. I should have purchased the 54x36 size. It has woken ... More..

No more bedwetting and clean sheets

5 out of 5

I bought this alarm second time for my second child. Both the times we had success with this alarm. The process with my boys took no more then three weeks and this alarm kit helped keep my bed fresh and new.... More..

Guardian™ Bedwetting Alarm Bedding Kit is a complete treatment package of treatment, savings, comfort and protection. Specifically designed to offer comfort to both bedwetting adults and teens this kit brings together our most popular alarm and a unique selection of our waterproof mattress pads that prevents your mattress and bed sheets from urine leaks, sweat stains and other liquid spills. When choosing this kit you save more and shop quickly.


1. Guardian Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

2. Choose any one of the following:

Guardian™ Bedwetting Alarm Bedding Kit Guardian bedwetting alarm is our favorite and most comfortable Bed-Side Alarm. This alarm is recommended to stops nighttime bedwetting permanently in teens and deep sleepers in just few weeks. This alarm is also a perfect choice to monitor bedwetting in adults. This alarm is microprocessor controlled and cycles through 8 tones to alert bedwetters on detecting urine. This alarm also allows for discreet monitoring using the vibrate only option.
Guardian alarm uses the revolutionary reversible soft cloth cotton mat with unique Fast Detect® Technology which detects urine from the first drop. With multiple pairs of urine sensing strips the Soft Cloth Bed Mat offers a large urine detection area so that you never miss another bedwetting accident. Made from soft and comfortable cotton, the reversible cotton mat allows natural movements for a relaxed sleep throughout the night. Mat comes in large size – 30″ x 24″, perfect for all ages. Simply lay the mat on the bed and sleep on it. With no wires on the body, users can freely move on the bed without worry.

Luxury Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Pad The top layer is comprised of bamboo fibers that provide extra softness and comfort for a goodnight sleep. The bottom is made from absorbent cotton. Between the two is a stretchable waterproof polyurethane layer which acts as a barrier preventing against urine leaks.

This reversible overlay comes in standard 40″ x 28″ sizeand can absorb and hold up-to 6 (Six) cups of liquid for maximum protection.

Our bamboo overlay can be placed on any size mattress and is machine washable and dryer friendly.

Deluxe Quilted Waterproof Mattress PadThese bed pad overlays feature a three layer protection – soft quilted upper layer, absorbent inner layer and waterproof non-slip base. This overlay can absorb up to 6 cups of liquid.

Quilted waterproof bedding overlays come in two sizes  36” x 34” and 54 ”x 36″. Each size comes with a selection of two 18” inches tuck-ins to secure the bedding at night or no tuck-ins.

Quilted bed pad overlays can be placed on any size mattress, and are machine washable and dyer friendly.

Prestige Reversible Waterproof Mattress Pad The top and bottom layers are made from generously filled compressed cotton fibers. Sandwiched between them is a waterproof barrier.

The result is a beautiful and gentle to touch reversible protective waterproof bedding.  This overlay comes in come in two sizes  36” x 34” and 54 ”x 36″, with two 18” inches tuck-ins to secure the bedding at night.

Can be easily folded and stowed away for trips. Bedding can absorb up to 6 cups of liquid and is machine washable and dyer friendly.

Bedwetting specialists at One Stop Bedwetting have put in great thought in choosing the best combinations for our kits that are designed to offer you best treatment, savings and protection. Made from soft and comfortable cotton, the reversible Soft Touch mat allows natural movements for a relaxed sleep throughout the night.

This kit is our most comfortable kit yet. Also included is a choice of bedding that protects your bed from urine leaks, sweat stains and other liquid spills.

Guardian bedwetting alarm is our most highly recommended products because of its cutting-edge technology and versatility. The alarm comes with 8 tones and strong vibrations. In addition, the unparalleled comfort of the cotton mat brings the most comfort for bedwetting individuals. We recommend this product to anyone looking for added comfort, particularly adults and teens who don’t prefer wearable alarm sensors.

For bedwetting situations around the house, travel or such related purposes. We have already included one of our waterproof bedding overlays to safeguard your bed sheets and mattress from a bedwetting accident. These overlays can also be used as a multipurpose protector for sofa’s, chairs, seats, etc. Since all bedding overlays are lightweight and ultra-thin you can wash them in a regular washer. They dry up quickly so you can reuse them soon.

Huge Savings
Save big when you shop our kits. Each of our kits allows you more as compared to purchasing each item separately. Do the math; you will know we are right!
Super Convenient
Our kits are designed exclusively to meet your child’s needs. All kits include most essential items that you will need to start and complete treatment.
Save Time
We know your time is precious, so we’ve personalized our kits for you. We have made dealing with bedwetting simple with our handpicked kits.
Contents Alarm and choice of one overlay

Bedwetting Alarm

Alarm Type 8 Tones and Vibrations
Sensor Type 100% Cotton Sheet. Soft Cloth Bed Mat with Fast Detect™ Technology
Alarm Dimension (Approx) 1.2″ x 0.6″ x 0.4″
Sensor Dimension (Approx) 10 foot long cord. Mat dimensions – 30″ x 24″”
Special Instructions As per instructions, wash the bed mat after every bedwetting accident. Good to have a spare cloth mat to restart treatment at night. Do not bleach, wring or iron. Machine wash warm and dry flat.
Mobile App Coming Soon
Warranty 3 months limited warranty

Waterproof Bedding

Overlay Dimensions Prisma Bamboo Overlay – 40″ x 28″
Prisma Overlay with Wings – 34” x 36”
Prisma Overlay no Wings – 34” x 36”
Prisma Overlay with Wings – 54” x 36”
Prisma Overlay no Wings – 54” x 36”
Prisma Overlay Dual-Sided with Wings – 36″ x 34″
Prisma Overlay Dual-Sided with Wings – 54″ x 36″
Special Instructions Bamboo – Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Machine wash cold, tumble dry no heat.
All Other Types of Bedding – Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Machine wash warm tumble dry low heat.
Warranty 1 year manufacturers limited warranty
Customer Support Email, Phone, or Live Chat with a Bedwetting Specialist
Order by Phone Help placing an order, with a live representative. Call (800) 230-6775

No, you can lay directly on the mat. The soft cloth bed mat has been specially designed so you can sleep on the mat without placing any other sheets on top. Unlike some other mat based systems which trigger the alarm with sweat or motion, the reversible Soft Touch cotton mat will not give false alarms and will sound only when there is a bedwetting event.

The soft cloth mat comes with a detachable 6 foot long cord. Place the mat on the bed and lay on it where you would normally sleep. Next, place the alarm unit on the bedside where you can easily reach it to turn off the alarm at night. Now connect the mat and alarm using the cord. You are now ready to monitor bedwetting accidents

Absolutely. The mat is not just comfortable, but also washer and dryer friendly. Make sure the cord is removed prior to washing and wash the bed mat after every bedwetting accident. When using the washer, use the medium wash, gentle cycle and do not use bleach. To dry the mat, simply lay it flat and let it air dry. If you prefer to use a dryer, use the low heat and setting. Do not wring or iron the mat

A twin size mattress measures approximately 39 inches wide x 74 inches long. Twin mattresses are best suited for one child or one adult. When purchasing a bedding, make sure to purchase either a Bamboo Bedding, Quilted Bedding, Reversible Bedding without wings (no tuck-ins) up to a maximum size of 34 inches x 36 inches. The special beddings we carry including Checkered Bedding, Stain Resistant Bedding and Odor Control Bedding will each be adequate for a twin bed.

Quilted beddings are created for moderate to heavy sleepers who wet the bed several times at night. Each quilted waterproof bedding can hold up to 6 cups of liquid, much more than an adult bladder.

All our beddings go perfectly with the Guardian Alarm. For enhanced comfort, we recommend that you purchase the Reversible Bedding with wings (tuck-ins). This bedding comes in 2 sizes, 34 inches x 36 inches and 54 inches x 36 inches.

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