Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm Watch Kit - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm Watch Kit - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Vibralite Mini Vibrating Watch - One Stop Bedwetting

Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm Watch Kit

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  • This Watch Kit includes the Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm and VibraLITE Mini vibrating reminder watch
  • Perfect for monitoring nighttime bedwetting and daytime training
  • Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm is our budget friendly alarm and comes with great functionality and cost savings
  • Powered by the all new Strong Hold sensor to ensure one drop detection of urine and a comfortable night sleep
  • VibraLITE Mini alerts your child to ensure they use the bathroom during the daytime
Recommended for: Children Teens Deep Sleepers


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Working well

4 out of 5

So far its working very well and we are happy with the progress made. She likes it too!... More..


5 out of 5

Helped us break a pee pee habit in about 3-4 months . Amazing technology!... More..


5 out of 5

We went from soaking sheets through an overnight diaper to dry at night in less than two months! Highly recommended alarm and watch.... More..

Shield® Prime Bedwetting Alarm Watch Kit includes the Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm and the VibraLITE mini vibrating reminder watch. The Shield Prime alarm helps train your child at night to overcome bedwetting, while the VibraLITE Mini watch can have alerts set at regular intervals to train your child to use the bathroom. The combination of these two systems creates a complete bedwetting system to help children learn to stop bedwetting. Parents can save time and money when these two items are combined in one kit instead of purchasing them separately.


1. Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm
2. VibraLITE Mini Vibrating Reminder Watches

Shield Prime bedwetting alarms are our most trusted alarms by the specialists at One Stop Bedwetting. Each alarm is available in two distinct metallic colors – Royal Blue and Red to perfectly complement your child’s unique personality. If your child loves stickers, this is the system for them. The unique star-moon tracking system will tell you how your treatment is progressing without guessing or looking at charts. Shield Prime alarms have loud tones to wake up deep sleepers and train children to stop bedwetting.

Strong Hold sensors are designed to quickly detect urine and alert children of bedwetting accidents. The sensors offer large urine detection area and grab the underwear with a tight grip so they don’t come off at night. The compact design also provides enhanced comfort without causing inconvenience at night when children are asleep. To reuse the Strong Hold sensor after a bedwetting accident, simply rinse under tap water and shake dry.

Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarms come an innovative star-moon tracking system and a 1 year warranty.

Vibrating Daytime Bedwetting Watch

This VibraLITE Mini vibrating reminder watch is designed for maximum comfort to monitor daytime bedwetting in children. This is also an excellent potty training watch. The continuous reminder on these watches ensure that your child remembers to use the bathroom and potty train. The beautiful color selection makes these watches cute and trendy at the same time.

This watch allows the user to set up to 12 different daily alarms with a 20 second duration each. The user can optionally set a countdown timer using hours, minutes and seconds.

Setting up the watch is extremely quick and simple and can be done in just a few seconds. All programmed alert times can be turned on or off as desired and the icons on the watch help confirm desired settings.

The lockout feature on this watch prevents your child from tampering with any programmed settings to ensure they are alerted to use the bathroom.

Compared to other alarms which can cost twice as much, the Shield Prime alarm offers the maximum value for your money. The loud alarm is engineered to wake up children from deep sleep at night as soon as the sensor detects urine. The safety algorithms built into the microprocessor ensures a reliable treatment every night. Shield Prime alarms come with an innovative star-moon progress tracking system. Each night your child sleeps dry, they get a moon. 7 consecutive dry nights gives them a star. Two stars means your child can stop using the system and that they are free from bedwetting. Children will love tracking their progress on the alarm and it takes guesswork out of how the treatment is progressing. Shield Prime alarms come in two metallic color finishes – Royal Blue and Red

Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarms and the Strong Hold sensor are the perfect combination to detect urine and alert heavy sleepers. Strong Hold sensors are designed to hold the underwear all night long without coming off like some other sensors and they offer a large area to detect urine.

We recommend using the Shield Prime Bedwetting Alarm in conjunction with the VibraLITE Mini vibrating reminder watch for nighttime monitoring and daytime training for children and deep sleepers.

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Save big when you shop our kits. Each of our kits allows you more as compared to purchasing each item separately. Do the math; you will know we are right!
Super Convenient
Our kits are designed exclusively to meet your child’s needs. All kits include most essential items that you will need to start and complete treatment.
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We know your time is precious, so we’ve personalized our kits for you. We have made dealing with bedwetting simple with our handpicked kits.
Contents Alarm and VibraLITE Mini watch
Bedwetting Alarm
Alarm Type 1 Tone, Strong Vibration and Bright Light
Sensor Type Strong Hold Sensor with Large Urine Detection Area
Alarm Dimension Alarm unit – 2.5″ x 2.1″ x 0.7″
Sensor Dimension 26.5” long cord. Sensor Dimensions – 1.2″ x 0.6″ x 0.4″
Alarm Special Instructions As per instructions, rinse the sensor under water with lever open after every bedwetting accident. Gently clean with cloth and let it air dry.
Mobile App Coming Soon
Warranty 1 year manufacturers limited warranty on Alarm Unit
90 days manufacturers limited warranty on Sensor

VibraLITE Mini
Preset Alarms Up to 12 daily alarms
Alarm Duration 20 seconds
Countdown Timer Automatic reset, Up to 23 hours 59 mins and 59 seconds
Alarm Type Vibration, Sound or both
Backlight Push button with 3 second duration
Watch Size (L X W X D) 38.5 X 30.5 X 12.3
Watch Weight 0.9 ounces
Wrist Size Color: Black. Approx size: 4-1/2″ – 7-3/8″ (11.5cm – 18.5cm)
Color: Purple & White Floral. Approx size: 4-3/4″ – 7-1/4″ (12cm – 18cm)
Color: Multicolored, White. Approx size: 5″ – 7-3/8″ (12.7cm – 18.5cm)
Color: Blue, Black & Orange, Pink & White. Approx Size: 5-1/2″ – 7-1/4″ (14cm – 18cm)
Water Resistance Not recommended for use during showering or swimming
Warranty 1 Year manufactures limited warranty
Customer Support Email, Phone or Live Chat with a Bedwetting Specialist
Order by Phone Help placing an order, with a live representative. Call (800) 230-6775

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