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Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting

Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm

4.65 out of 5 based on 115 customer ratings
(115 customer reviews)

$110.99 $69.99

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  • Our favorite budget friendly alarm is designed to stop bedwetting in children, teens and deep sleepers
  • For maximum effectiveness, Shield Max™ bedwetting alarm plays a new tone each time a bedwetting event occurs (up to 8 tones) so you don’t get used to any one tone
  • The large urine detection area Strong Hold™ sensor stays securely in place all night long and alerts the user as soon as it detects the first drop of urine
  • Track treatment progress on the alarm unit with the star and moon stickers, included complimentary with this bedwetting alarm
  • Microprocessor controlled bedwetting alarm unit comes in 2 colors – Ocean Blue and Platinum. Includes 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Recommended for: Children Teens Deep Sleepers


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Easy to use

4 out of 5

We followed the instructions and it was easy to use. The random tone selection worked for us. After two weeks, he is sleeping through the night with no issues.... More..

First summer camp

5 out of 5

His bed wetting caused him to miss out on overnight summer camp last year, but he is looking forward to going this summer. I highly recommend this product. I only wish I would've tried it sooner, instead of thinking my son would just eventually grow out of his bedwetting. It was amazing how quickly it worked for him.... More..

Dry Kid

4 out of 5

Man, I can't tell you how many times this alarm has saved me from having to get up in the middle of the night and change bed sheets... More..

Dry for a month now

5 out of 5

After about 2 weeks later of using this wonderful alarm he was completely dry and has been consistently dry for 1 month now.... More..


5 out of 5

There is no washing the sheets instead of 1-2 sets each morning. I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked until this... money well spent! The best part of this is he feels so proud of himself... More..

Love them

5 out of 5

Only Alarm that will stop bedwetting. We had ordered a different bedwetting alarm and it did not work even after using for four months. This one we purchased worked straight out of the package without issue and made my son stop wetting completely within one week.... More..


5 out of 5

He is now dry at night and getting up fresh in the morning with more energy. The alarm is loud and connects very well to clothes. It took a few times for the child to learn how to use since he is 5 years old it but it works great. Do not hesitate to buy this - it is AMAZING!!!... More..

Worth every penny

5 out of 5

This is by far my best investment ever. EXACTLY what we needed to help our 7-year-old son stay dry at night.... More..

Great investment

5 out of 5

After a week of wearing this my son is waking up dry!!! It is incredible to see how he has learned to hold his bladder!... More..

I am thrilled

5 out of 5

I'm so thrilled with this product and highly recommended to any parent struggling with this problem and wanting to see their child succeed.... More..

I'm a believer!

5 out of 5

I don't EVER leave reviews, but I so strongly believe in this product that I feel I need to. My son is 9 1/2 and has struggled for years at night with bed wetting. We tried waking him up, meds, setting an alarm clock, chiropractor, and limiting his fluid intake before bed. Nothing worked. At his physical last fall we went to a nurse practitioner th... More..

6 year old isn't bedwetting anymore

5 out of 5

Worked well for my six-year-old daughter and helped her break the habit of urinating in her sleep.... More..

Best buck’s I ever spent

5 out of 5

My 8-year-old son needed a way to be woken up from deep sleep and the Shield alarm system has worked great for him. He has been a nightly wetter and this has been a real savior.... More..
Shield Bedwetting Alarm is equipped with Active Guard Monitoring™ Technology. Engineered for perfection this Bedwetting Alarm with its ‘Patented Technology’ can help stop bedwetting in weeks.


Designed for Children and Teens Shield Max Bedwetting Alarms are designed for use by children ages 5 and older and bedwetting teens. The small and compact yet powerful bedwetting alarm unit is loud to wake up even deep sleepers on detecting the first drop of urine and alerting users to use the bathroom. Over time both children and teens will wake up to the alarm and eventually train to stop bedwetting.
Innovative Strong Hold SensorShield Max bedwetting alarms use the Strong Hold sensor with large urine detection area responds to the first drop of urine to alert your child of a bedwetting accident. The sensor holds to the underwear all night long giving your child the comfort of free movement. The small and compact design will not poke children like some other large clip sensors.
Perfect combination of Sound-Light-Vibration Shield Max Bedwetting Alarms come in two colors – Ocean Blue and Platinum. This revolutionary bedwetting alarm features 8 alert tones so you never have to worry about your child fading out and getting accustomed to a single alert tone. Each time a bedwetting accident occurs, the alarm unit automatically plays a new alert tone. Children can select from three settings – loud sound and strong vibration, loud sound only and strong vibration only for those moments when they want their treatment to remain discreet.
Powerful MicroprocessorThe Shield Max bedwetting alarm is powered by a small and powerful microprocessor with complex algorithms which does two important things. First it alerts your child with sound-light-vibration alerts on detecting urine and second, it ensures a safe treatment regimen.
Motivational Reward SystemParents don’t have to guess anymore when the bedwetting treatment will be complete. With the Shield Max bedwetting alarm, stick a silver moon for every dry night on the alarm. A consecutive week of dryness gives your child a golden star. Two stars indicate that the treatment is complete and that children may discontinue the use of the Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm.

Retail Box ContainsShield Max bedwetting alarm unit, Strong hold sensor, Snap-on clip, 2 AAA batteries & Progress Stickers

Shield Max™ Bedwetting Alarm is engineered to challenge every bedwetting incident. It comes with eight tones, strong vibration and a bright light to wake up children, teens and deep sleepers.


Easy to Set Up
Attach the sensor to the outside of your child’s underwear. Place the alarm unit on the pajama top attach on your child’s upper arm with a comfy armband for added comfort.
Wakes up the Deepest Sleeper
Our patent pending technology helps detect the first drop of urine. Upon detection the alarm triggers with loud sounds, bright lights and strong vibration to ensure your child wakes up sooner.
Stops Bedwetting Permanently
In a few weeks, your child becomes conditioned to recognize the need to empty the bladder at night and learns to stay dry permanently.

Shield Max™ bedwetting alarm is priced to perfection and highly recommended at One Stop Bedwetting™. This bedwetting alarm comes in two beautiful metallic colors – Ocean Blue and Platinum and each alarm is powered by 8 loud alert tones, a bright light and strong vibrations. Shield alarms are ideal treatment for budget conscious parents with bedwetting children ages 5 plus and teens.

Shield Max bedwetting alarm comes with a unique star and moon tracking system which is built on the face of the alarm unit. You will not need to use cumbersome paper progress charts or have to jot down your child’s progress in a diary. Place stars and moons on the alarm unit itself and you will always know how your child’s treatment is performing.

The Shield Max bedwetting alarm uses a Strong Hold™ sensor which is small and compact and will not poke children like some other large clip sensors. Using innovative design this sensor grips securely to the underwear allowing your child to sleep comfortably. The Strong Hold sensor detects urine at the first drop to wake your child as soon as they start wetting the bed.

Shield Max bedwetting alarm can be attached to a pajama top with a snap-on clip (included), however for added comfort we recommend the use of the Comfy-Armband™ which can be purchased separately which can be purchased separately. Call our toll free number at 1-877-834-4107 to order over the phone now.

Manufacturer Theos Medical Systems
Alarm Type 8 Tones, Strong Vibration and Bright Light
Sensor Type Strong Hold Sensor with Large Urine Detection Area
Alarm Dimension Alarm unit – 2.5″ x 2.1″ x 0.7″
Sensor Dimension 26.5” long cord. Sensor Dimensions – 1.2″ x 0.6″ x 0.4″
Batteries 2 AAA Batteries (included)
Product Series TSM45 Series
Color Platinum, Ocean Green
Special Instructions As per instructions, rinse the sensor under water with lever open after every bedwetting accident. Gently clean with cloth and let it air dry.
Mobile App Coming Soon
Warranty 1 year manufacturers limited warranty on Alarm Unit, 90 days manufacturers limited warranty on Sensor
Customer Support Email, Phone, or Live Chat with a Bedwetting Specialist
Order by Phone Help placing an order, with a live representative. Call 1-877-834-4107

The Strong HoldTM clip sensor is made of plastic and is designed to clip outside the child’s underwear. It This sensor grips the underwear tightly at night and will not come off. It is recommended for children and deep sleepers.
The patent pending IntelliFlex sensor used in the Chummie Alarms are made of silicone. These sensors have larger urine detection area and are taped to the outside of the underwear. Silicone sensors are recommended for children, teens and deep sleepers.

Shield alarms come with 3 alarm settings; sound only, vibration only and a combination of sound and vibration. For discreet operation, select the vibrate only option. On detecting urine, the Shield alarm will only vibrate to wake up your child and no one near them will know that the alarm has gone off

Yes! Many parents prefer to use a diaper when using the Shield Max Bedwetting Alarm to prevent sheets from getting soiled and wet. Simply attach the sensor to the outside of your child’s undergarment as shown below and wear the diaper on top.

Single tone alarms may lead to auditory accommodation – Child getting used to any one sound. The Shiemd Max Bedwetting Alarm comes with 8 unique alerts. Each time a bedwetting accident is detected, the alarm automatically changes to the next tone. This way, your child will be played a new tone the next time bedwetting is detected.

To clean the Strong Hold sensor, lift the lever up to release the underwear and open the sensor. Now, with the sensor open, gently rinse under warm tap water with liquid soap. Rinse thoroughly to ensure there is no soap on the sensor. Now, shake the sensor to remove excess water. To dry completely, insert a dry cotton towel or napkin and wipe dry.

You can purchase additional Strong Hold sensors here . You can contact us at 1-877-834-4107 if you prefer to order over the phone.

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4.65 out of 5 stars

115 reviews

Let us know what you think...

What others are saying

  1. Oscar

    5 out of 5 We are very satisfied

    This product works. My 6 year-old is a crazy deep sleeper, so it took a bit longer that was indicated, but it WORKS! . My son had no complaints about the product whatsoever he started getting up dry within few weeks of using it. Product praise aside, the company has wonderful customer service and support. I can’t recommend this product enough if you and your child are ready to stop bed-wetting.

    (0) (0)

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  2. Ramy D'Souza

    5 out of 5 Satisfied. Seeing good improvements

    I have seen good improvement in my child in a few nights. Likes the way it works and it wakes her up every night. Good product

    (0) (0)

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  3. Elisabeth

    5 out of 5 No more night "diapers"

    It Is the only thing that has helped my eight-year-old. No more diapers and stress. I wish we knew about it earlier.

    (0) (0)

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  4. Richard

    5 out of 5 Superior product and service

    The bedwetting alarm that we got for our son works great. The customer service was wonderful when we needed a new sensor after 2 months. Very kind, helpful, and quick to send us a replacement sensor.

    (0) (0)

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  5. Eirik

    5 out of 5 Plain and simple, it worked

    Has helped my 8 year old become dry and wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. This product is the only thing that will break the wet nights. Easy to operate this alarm is perfect for stopping bedwetting permanently.

    (0) (0)

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