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Zest Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Zest Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Zest Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Zest Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Zest Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Zest Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Zest Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting
Zest Bedwetting Alarm - One Stop Bedwetting

Zest Bedwetting Alarm


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  • Zest bedwetting alarm is superior quality, Low cost bedwetting solution for children ages 5 and up that stop nocturnal enuresis in weeks without medication and help boost your child’s confidence.
  • Creative design alarm unit comes with 8 alert tones to suit user’s preference, strong vibration and bright light to make sure that even the deepest sleeper will awaken.
  • Innovative unisex strong hold sensor with large urine detection area detects the urine as soon as there is bedwetting accident and help build the brain-bladder connection and alert the user when wetting occurs.
  • Wearable unit is FDA registered, CE certified and is microprocessor controlled with advanced safety algorithm has no side effects and is backed by an industry-leading One Year Replacement Warranty.
  • Compact, comfortable and lightweight portable bed wetting alarm is easy to use at home or whenever you are travelling. Complete success usually takes just 4 to 12 weeks.
Recommended for: Children Deep Sleepers


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“Your journey to being dry” with Zest bedwetting alarm is started. This one of a kind Enuresis Alarm with its ‘Patented Technology’ can stop bedwetting in weeks.


Sound and Vibration Alarm for Boys and Girls We put a little magic into all our little boys and girls lives who have nighttime bedwetting problem with Zest bedwetting alarm that has all the indispensable features an effective bedwetting alarm should have. Suitable for children ages 5 and older is designed to stop bedwetting the effective way. Alarm comes with 8 alert tones and three modes of operations to choose from sound and vibration, sound only and vibration only (discreet modes is available for events such as camps and sleepovers). This bedwetting alarm will help wake children upon detecting the first drops of urine.
Innovative Strong Hold Sensor TechnologySensor is the most important component of a bedwetting alarm. The Zest bedwetting alarm comes with reliable Strong Hold™ sensor that has a large urine detection area that detects the urine immediately upon its occurrence. This sensor grips to the underwear with a tight hold. This ensures the sensor is in place all night even for the children who move a lot in the bed and will not accidentally come out at night so you never have to worry about missing a bedwetting event.  This sensor is extremely reliable, for it triggers the alarm every time as soon as there is a bedwetting accident.
Save Time and MoneyNo need to waste money on expensive laundry detergents to wash a big load of sheets or buying dippers you can save money buying this budget friendly microprocessor controlled alarm with complex algorithms which does two important things. First it alerts your child with sound-light-vibration alerts on detecting urine and wake up the user so they can use the bathroom and second, it ensures a safe treatment regimen and promotes confidence as boys and girls overcome bedwetting without medication.
Simple and Easy to UseAlarm is very easy to use by child and they can put it by themselves in the night after bedwetting accident occurs. Follow the instructions properly put the alarm portion to the pajama top. Run the cord under the pajama top. Attach the strong hold sensor to the outside of the underwear at the point where urination first occurs. Clean the sensor by rinsing under tap water for 2 to 3 seconds after each bedwetting accident to maximize your success.

Box ContentsZest bedwetting alarm unit, Strong hold sensor, Snap-on clip, 2 AAA batteries

“Your journey to being dry” with Zest bedwetting alarm is started. This one of a kind Enuresis Alarm with its ‘Patented Technology’ can stop bedwetting in weeks.
Easy to Set Up
Attach the sensor to the outside of your child’s underwear. Place the alarm unit on the pajama top attach on your child’s upper arm with a comfy armband for added comfort.
Wakes up the Deepest Sleeper
Our patent pending technology helps detect the first drop of urine. Upon detection the alarm triggers with loud sounds, bright lights and strong vibration to ensure your child wakes up sooner.
Stops Bedwetting Permanently
In a few weeks, your child becomes conditioned to recognize the need to empty the bladder at night and learns to stay dry permanently.

Start your journey to being dry with our value for money Zest bedwetting alarm that comes with 8 alert tones to choose from every night and strong vibration can help your child get up in the night when there is a bed wetting accident without anyone else getting disturbed or when they are on camp with friends. The unique about the alarm is its strong hold sensor with large urine detection area that let the bedwetter alert when the first drop of urine falls and wets his underpants so he can go and pee in the bathroom.

We recommend Zest to stop nocturnal enuresis permanently in children ages 5 years and above. The alarm is also designed to stop bedwetting in regular and deep sleepers children’s. One-time purchase of this compact and light weight child friendly enuresis alarm can save you a lot of money may be up to $ 500 a year which you may have to spend on buying costly training pants or diapers.

Zest bedwetting alarm can be attached to a pajama top. However, for added comfort we recommend the use of the Comfy-Armband™ which can be purchased separately. Call our toll-free number at (800)230-6775 to order over the phone now.

Manufacturer Theos Medical Systems
Alarm Type 8 Tones, Strong Vibration and Bright Light
Sensor Type Strong Hold Sensor with Large Urine Detection Area
Alarm Dimension (Approx) Alarm unit – 2.6″ x 1.6″ x 0.8″
Sensor Dimension (Approx) 29.5” long cord. Sensor Dimensions – 1.2″ x 0.6″ x 0.4″
Batteries 2 AAA Batteries (included)
Product Series TZT4GSeries
Color Green
Special Instructions As per instructions, rinse the sensor under water with lever open after every bedwetting accident. Gently clean with cloth and let it air dry.
Mobile App Coming Soon
Warranty 1 year manufacturers limited warranty on Alarm Unit, 90 days manufacturers limited warranty on Sensor
Customer Support Email, Phone, or Live Chat with a Bedwetting Specialist
Order by Phone Help placing an order, with a live representative. Call (800)230-6775

For hygienic reasons, it is always recommended to use a new sensor for each child to be treated. Sensors come in contact with urine and not cleaning them properly may cause issues. Spare sensors are available in the Accessory section.

When not in use, disconnect the alarm unit from the sensor and store them botn in a cool dry place. If using an armband, store the alarm unit in the armband. Disconnecting the sensor from the alarm unit ensures that the batteries will last longer.

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