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Bedwetting Alarm Watch Kit

Bedwetting alarms are one of the best proven options that helps to stop bedwetting permanently. Vibrating reminder watches help user to set up frequent reminders according to their daily requirements. They are a great and helpful tool for bedwetters to monitor day and night time wetting. Bedwetting alarm watch kit is a complete package of money saving and for morning reminder. This kit comes with free shipping, free night light and unlimited access to our bedwetting specialists.

Benefits of Bedwetting Alarm Watch Kit

A bedwetting alarms are proven to help your child stop nighttime wetting even they are deep sleepers but they do need a reminder in the morning when they are out in school or in the playground. Vibrating watch is a bell or buzzer that can be set or go off at a given time.

  • Bedwetting alarm with vibrating alarm watches are the perfect solution for nighttime and daytime bedwetting. Perfect for toilet training, bowel management or any incontinence issues.
  • Bedwetting alarm watch kit includes any bedwetting alarm of your choice and a watch you can choose from a big variety.
  • Bedwetting alarm builds brain bladder connection that helps your deep sleeper child to wake up before they wet their bed at night.
  • Vibrating watch an ideal assistive tool for behavior modification and self-monitoring that alerts your child in the morning to use bathroom at regular intervals.
  • The discreet reminder mode of vibrating watch does not let child feel embarrassing of wetting while he is in school or outdoor at play

Types of Vibrating Reminder Watches

Vibrating watches are commonly known as reminder watches. They are used for frequent reminding of what they are used for like using bathroom at any set interval. They do not let child feel embarrassing of wetting and help them build confidence.

  • The vibrating watch with personally set alarm feature helps your child co-ordinate according to their schedules providing flexibility of intervals
  • The length of vibration of the watch should be from 10 to 20 seconds that help alert child to monitor and stop bedwetting
  • Vibration feature is ideal for a child when he is in school or outside. child can put watch on discreet mode when there is need to be to avoid embarrassment.
  • An easy to open battery compartment with at least a one-year battery life depending upon frequency of alarm use.
  • A vibrating watch should withstand accidental splashing though it can be used while bathing or swimming. Size of the watch depends upon the wrist size and convenience of user.


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