Complementary Provider Kits

Our Bedwetting Alarms are Widely Recommended by Doctors to Stop Bedwetting

Bedwetting alarms are proven to stop primary nocturnal enuresis in children and deep sleepers. Most bedwetting alarms use a combination of bright lights – loud sound – strong vibration to awaken deep sleepers help them and overcome bedwetting.

Early urine detection will result in waking up your child sooner! Over time children will learn to stop bedwetting. Parents love our selection of bedwetting alarms, specialized support and and children find it easy to set up and program.

Top 5 reasons our bedwetting alarms are recommended

  • Widely recommended by pediatricians to stop bedwetting
  • High treatment success with no side effects
  • FDA registered, FSA eligible
  • Proven to work in children over the years
  • Awesome customer support

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