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Adult Bed Wetting Alarms for Men

Adult bed wetting impacts millions of men throughout the world. Many adults deal with their bedwetting using adult diapers for men, waking up periodically at night or using adult bed wetting alarms for men as possible bedwetting solutions. Whatever be the type of incontinence in adult men, a bed wetting alarm can come in handy and useful in stopping nighttime bed wetting in adult men.

Causes of Adult Bed Wetting in Men

Although bed wetting in adults usually takes place after age 60, it can happen at any age and in both men and women. In most cases, the exact cause of bed wetting in adult men is not known.

  • Some adult bedwetter men have been wetting since childhood and never stopped
  • Genetics plays an important role in bedwetting in adult men
  • Lack of the right hormone in the kidney’s produces excess urine leading to bed wetting
  • Stress, relationships, work can often lead to many types of incontinence in adult men
  • There may be other medical conditions causing bed wetting in adult men

Choosing Adult Bed Wetting Alarms for Men

Most adult bed wetters need bedside bed wetting alarms. These systems are more comfortable and convenient for an adult bedwetter male than a wearable bed wetting alarm.

  • Choose between plastic sheet bed wetting alarms and cloth mat bedside alarms
  • Get an alarm with loud sounds to wake up at night
  • It is recommended to choose a multi-tone bed wetting alarm for deep sleepers
  • Look for customer testimonials and product reviews before choosing an alarm
  • Check out warranty, customer support and return policy

Adult Bed Wetting Solutions for Men

First identify the type of incontinence and then look for the right treatment option and bed wetting solution. Several tips on finding the right bed wetting solution are listed below.

  • Meet with your doctor and look for what may cause bed wetting and incontinence
  • Check for possible constipation which sometimes causes bed wetting in adult men
  • Relax and relieve stress in every day life; it may help combat bed wetting
  • Reduce intake of coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and other caffeinated drinks
  • Try waking up at night to use the bathroom instead of wetting the bed at night

Adult Bed Wetting Alarms for Men Expectations

Setting realistic expectations with a bed wetting alarm for men is important when you start the treatment. Create a plan and follow it till you achieve success and sleep dry at night.

  • Most adult bed wetter men will take time to respond to a bed wetting alarm
  • Prepare by watching videos, reading user guides and understanding the alarm in detail
  • Good to have extra clothing ready at night when a bed wetting accident happens
  • Purchase a set of waterproof bedding to keep the mattress dry through the night
  • Have patience as a successful treatment may take several months

Alarms for Adult Bed Wetting Men

Bedwetting alarms are a good solution on how to stop bed wetting in adult men. Alarms can train the brain to understand the need to urinate and wake up the adult man at night.

  • Wakes the adult bedwetter man as soon as urination starts
  • Over time, the adult may wake up sooner and sooner till they beat the alarm
  • Creates a brain-bladder connection understanding the need to go use the toilet
  • Comfortable, easy to use, convenient and discreet for most adult bedwetters
  • No side effects, low relapse and completely safe bed wetting solutions

Adult Bed Wetting Alarm for Men Tips

Everyone wants to speed up their bed wetting treatment. We put together five tips to help you try to get you through the treatment with nettle frustration.

  • Routinely see how you are progressing; if you are improving using the alarm
  • If you miss a night when you wet, nothing to be worried about
  • Keep a positive attitude and reassure yourself that you can stop bed wetting sleep dry at night
  • Get a handful of incontinence products and supplies like waterproof bedding
  • We have bedwetting specialists who are ready to talk to you, so reach out to them

Testimonials from Adult Men Bedwetters

"I have been using adult diapers for men as long as I can remember. Now, with a bedwetting alarm, I don’t need to use them as frequently and have saved a lot on my diaper costs alone." - Rich

"I had no idea that adult bed wetting in men was such a big problem. I’m glad that I found the right solution to my bedwetting problem and it has helped me stop bedwetting at night." - Keith

"You could be one having different types of incontinence in men, but I really think that a bed wetting alarm can help you stay dry. It has helped me and will help you too." - Michael


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