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Bedwetting Alarms for Special Needs

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Bedwetting Alarms for Special Needs

Bedwetting is common in children and often worries parents. There are many solutions and treatments available to stop bedwetting in children, but when dealing with children with special needs, one must pay particular attention to the type of bedwetting solution used. These bedwetting solutions have been specially designed for children with special needs providing a safe and effective treatment in a short time period.

What Causes of Bedwetting in Special Needs

Bedwetting is a common problem in all children. There are many causes for bedwetting, but it’s important to note that bedwetting is not your child fault and that bedwetting can be treated.

  • Bedwetting is hereditary and passed through he genes. So if parents wet, the child may wet
  • Constipation causes bedwetting; Parents should check for signs of constipation in their child
  • Small bladder capacity and slow bladder maturation contributes to bedwetting
  • Stress from school, family and other events can cause a child to wet the bed at night
  • Certain medical conditions can result in bedwetting which must be checked promptly

Choosing A Bedwetting Alarm for Special Needs

It’s important to choose the right bedwetting alarm for your child with special needs. There are important considerations that you should take into account before making a valuable purchase.

  • Most special needs children prefer bedside bedwetting alarms over wearable bedwetting alarms
  • Get an alarm with sound and vibration so you can choose what’s best for him/her
  • Check out customer reviews and product testimonials prior to purchasing an alarm
  • Most alarms have microprocessors, select one that from a reputable company
  • It is recommended to get a bedwetting kit rather than just an alarm as it usually more economical and more convenient

Bedwetting Solutions for Special Needs Children

There are signs parents should keep on the lookout for which tell you that it’s time to start addressing your child’s bedwetting. Pay attention if you spot any of these signs.

  • Your child is over 5 and still wears diapers or pull ups to bed
  • Your child gets frustrated, angry and or depressed very often due to bedwetting
  • You are worried that hit/her bedwetting may carry on into teenage years
  • Your child skips activities with friends and dislikes vacations and trips
  • You are confused about what to do or how to stop bedwetting in your child, have tried other options without success

Increasing Success with Bedwetting Alarms

When using a bedwetting alarm with a special needs child, there are several things you can do to make the treatment successful, quick and easy for both you and your child.

  • Watch alarm videos with your child to understand how the alarm works
  • Demonstrate and practice wearing and resetting the alarm prior to first user
  • While using the alarm, if your child doesn’t wake up, you should wake them
  • Sit and discuss with your child how the alarm can benefit them in the long term
  • Children can take several months to achieve dryness, so don’t give up hope

Benefits of Bedwetting Alarms for Special Needs

Bedwetting alarms have several benefits over medications, diapers and other conventional treatment methods. They offer high success with small chances of relapse.

  • Children can avoid sleeping in diapers or pull ups and can sleep in a dry bed at night
  • No more wet and soiled sheets with urine stains and odors when childen wake up int he morning
  • Eliminate expensive prescrition medications and their side effects with bedwetting alarms
  • Save money and reduce laundry loads when using a bedwetting alarm
  • Your insurance company may cover the cost of your bedwetting alarm, so its a good idea to check with them

Tips for a Success Bedwetting Alarm Treatment

Bedwetting Alarms work well at stopping bedwetting in special needs children, additionally there are several things you can also do during the treatment that can benefit your child.

  • Monitor their progress nightly when using the bedwetting alarm
  • Recognize night they sleep dry; never shout or punish them when they wet the bed at night
  • It’s a good idea to get a spare bedside mat in case they wet several times at night
  • Shop for waterproof bedding (plastic mattress sheets) to save your mattress from urine stains
  • Reach out to our bedwetting specialists when you have any questions or concerns

Testimonials from Parents of Bedwetters with Special Needs

"My son refused to wear wires on his body and we purchased a bedside bedwetting alarm. It worked very well. He hasn’t stopped bedwetting yet, but its working slowly." - Anatole

"My daughter was bedwetting 2-3 times a night till I got an alarm for her. Now she wakes up at night and uses the bathroom on her own. She hasn’t wet the bed in months." - Sammy

"I am delighted that I purchased the right bedwetting alarm for my son. Choosing was easy and painless. My child has improved self-confidence and is smiling more often." - Sunny


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