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Adult Bed Wetting Alarms

Adult bed wetting is a very common type of incontinence. Many adults use adult diapers, adult briefs, adult pull ups and more to stop bedwetting the bed at night. However, these bed wetting solutions do not treat bedwetting, they only offer a dry night. There are many solutions for adult bedwetters which can help adults stop bed wetting at night.

Causes of Adult Bed Wetting

Adult bed wetting is not caused only because of a medical condition. It can be caused by a number of other reasons as well. Here we discuss what causes adult bed wetting.

  • Surprising but true, genetics often leads to adult bedwetting in men and women
  • Work-life stress, lack of sleep and sleep apnea ca cause adult bed wetting
  • A small underdeveloped bladder can result in wetting the bed at night
  • Sometimes kidneys don’t produce enough hormones to reduce nighttime urination
  • Diabetes and a range of medical conditions can cause adult bed wetting too

Selecting Adult Bed Wetting Alarms

Adult bed wetting alarms come with a variety of features and functions and need to be carefully selected. Since alarms are a good long term investment, select the right bed wetting alarm.

  • Purchase a bedside adult bed wetting alarm for its enhanced nighttime comfort
  • Multi-tone adult bed wetting alarms will change alert tones to wake you up at night
  • If you need a discreet alarm, get one which beeps and vibrates at night
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials so you know what you are getting
  • Buy the adult bed wetting alarm from a reliable place with good after sales support

Adult Bed Wetting Solutions

Adult bed wetting solutions can be simple depending on what causes bed wetting. If bed wetting is impacting your life, you should look for a good treatment option.

  • Consume less caffeinated drinks during the day or drinks high in sugar in the evening
  • Notice how many times you are wetting the bed at night and at what times
  • Get checked for medical conditions including diabetes and other health issues
  • Monitor if the bladder is able to hold liquids during the day or daytime urination is impacted
  • Avoid foods that can cause constipation, which can in turn can lead to bed wetting

Expectations with Adult Bed Wetting Alarms

If you are using an adult bed wetting alarm for the first time, it’s a good idea to set treatment expectations and goals as the idea is to stop bed wetting permanently.

  • Deep sleepers may take more time to wake up to the bed wetting alarm
  • It may take several months before an adult bed wetter can begin to sleep dry on their own
  • Watch the alarm videos and read all documents on how to use the alarm carefully
  • Be prepared to wake up and change clothing at night when you wake up to the alarm
  • Purchase extra bed mats to complement your adult bed wetting alarm; Spares never hurt

Alarms for Adult Bed Wetting

Bed wetting alarms for adults is a better option than adult diapers in stopping different types of incontinence including adult bed wetting. The benefits of alarms makes them a good choice.

  • Detect when bed wetting occurs at night so you can get up and change to dry clothes
  • Over time, adults can wake up when the bladder is full rather than wetting the bed
  • Many bed wetting alarms are discreet and most users won’t notice them at night
  • Compared adult diapers, adult bed wetting alarms save money and are more convenient
  • Adult bed wetting alarms have no side effects and have low relapse

Adult Bed Wetting Alarm Tips

Although it may take long to stop adult bed wetting permanently, here are some quick tips which can be followed so that you can increase your chances of sleeping dry at night.

  • Monitor your nightly progress; see if you are waking up to the alarm at night
  • If you wake up on your own to urinate, this is a good sign and one to be proud of
  • Purchase incontinence supplies like waterproof bedding for your mattress
  • Be positive and optimistic when using the alarm as it may help in the treatment
  • Call or chat with our bed wetting specialists if you have any queries regarding your alarm

Testimonials from Adult Bedwetters

"I have been a bed wetter since childhood and now as an adult bedwetter, I needed to do something. The alarm has helped me. Now I can wake up at night and change so I don’t sleep in a puddle all night long." - Vladimir

"The adult bed wetting alarm is a great product for elderly care also. I have been using it for my bed ridden uncle and its working well. It tells us when to change the sheets so he can sleep comfortably" - Jeremy

"I was getting tired f using adult diapers and other types of incontinence supplies till I finally purchased an adult bed wetting alarm. I has worked very well and I stopped bed wetting in about 8 months." - Amanda


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