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Bedwetting Stories

Bedwetting is stressful for both children and parents. Take literary approach, bedwetting books offer creative solutions for nocturnal enuresis. Sharing bedwetting stories challenges help children feel less alone. Bedwetting stories help transforming children’s bedwetting problem into fun experience and help them stay dry in bed all night long conquering bedwetting.

When to read bedwetting stories

Bedwetting! It’s a rarely talked about condition, but is one that effects many Bedwetters.Most people who wet the bed are desperate for solution. Bedwetting Books and bedwetting stories can be a very helpful resource to solve your problem. When should you discuss bedwetting stories?

  • Is your child seven year or older and is still wetting the bed?
  • Does the bedwetting agitate your child and significantly affect his/her attitude and self esteem?
  • Does your child hesitate social opportunities such as invitation to spend the night with a friend or a chance for vacation trip?
  • Was your child night time dry for long period and then began bedwetting again?
  • Has your child recently endured severe stress? To find solution buy bedwetting books
  • When your child wants to take the first step towards a permanent solution for bedwetting and need help.

Bedwetting Stories Benefits

For a bed wetter it’s constant struggle dealing with this problem but bedwetting stories are helpful resource to be used by the people with bedwetting problems.

  • Bedwetting stories help children dealing with bedwetting accidents who need compassion, encouragement and understanding of that they are not alone
  • Bedwetting stories become inspirational gives children confidence and understanding of what’s happening inside their body
  • They aim to help children understand why bedwetting happens and help lessen the fear and concern
  • Shared bedwetting stories enhance confidence in knowing how to self-manage the condition
  • Different bedwetting stories when told bring relief to families struggling with bedwetters
  • Bedwetting stories enhance confidence in knowing how to self-manage the condition

Important Considerations

Bedwetting in boys is embarrassing and it greatly affects their quality of life and getting worried about how it will affect their future. Here are some considerations.

  • Between five to seven million children in the United States wet their bed on regular basis which account for 10% of the children population
  • Bedwetting in boys is more common than girls. Ratio is estimated roughly 2 boys to one girl
  • Three percent of boys wet the bed at age ten and if left unaddressed, many of them will continue to wet into teenage years
  • One percent of the boys continue to wet the bed at age 18 which is undesiarable and a big cause of concern for adult bed wetters
  • Boys over the age of 10 who continue to struggle with the bedwetting are more likely to have emotional difficulties
  • Deep sleeper boys may take longer to stop night time bedwetting

Success Tips

Bedwetting stories help many children relate themselves to the story character that reassure children that bedwetting is normal and gently preparing them how to overcome this problem.

  • The first step towards effective treatment is to understand the problem and clearing all the misconceptions
  • Educate yourself. Read as much as you can on bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis. Read books, Bedwetting articles, and blogs
  • Share your bedwetting stories experience what you read with your child and make him feel he is your darling
  • Praise children for success in any of the following area like waking up at night to urinate, having smaller wet spots or having a dry night
  • Encourage your child to go on sleep over’s or spend a night with friends
  • Parents need to be supportive and proactive and if needed talk to their child’s pediatrician and tell them more bedwetting stories

Testimonials for Bedwetting Stories

"These bedwetting stories are a great read. They gave my and my don hope that we could indeed stop bedwetting with the right bedwetting solution." - Aster

"I purchased a bedwetting alarm alond with a bedwetting stories book. A good decition as we learnt that help to stop bedwetting is easier than I had thought." - Patrick

"After reading these bedwetting stories, I realized that there is bedwetting help for all ages. I got a bedwetting alarm and it helped me stop my bedwetting" - Linda


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