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Types of Bedwetting Alarms


There are two types of bedwetting alarms available at One Stop Bedwetting

 Wearable Bedwetting Alarms

A wearable bedwetting alarm typically has a moisture sensitive sensor that is placed outside of the child’s underwear and secured with a tape or clipped to the underwear. When the child begins to wet during sleep, the sensor triggers the alarm to go off. (The alarm is often coupled with both vibrations and sounds, for the most efficacies.) The alarm alerts the child to wake up and finish urinating in the restroom to finish urinating in the toilet.


Wearable bedwetting alarms have a number of advantages and are generally preferred by children ages 4 – 12. Since these alarms are places at the pajama top, they tend to wake deep sleepers more easily. Since the urine detecting sensor is placed just outside the underwear, these alarms detect urine faster than bedside alarms and may wake up a child sooner.

At One Stop Bedwetting, we carry a large variety of wearable bedwetting alarms for you to chose from. Our favorite wearable bedwetting alarms come from the Chummie bedwetting alarm family. These award winning bedwetting alarms are doctor recommended to stop bedwetting in children and deep sleepers in weeks. Wearable Chummie bedwetting alarms are the Chummie Premium and the Chumie Elite bedwetting alarms. Other highly rated and top selling wearable bedwetting alarms include the all new Shield bedwetting alarm family which includes the multi tone Shield Max bedwetting alarm and the single tone Shield Prime bedwetting alarm and the all new Smart bedwetting alarm.


 Bedside Bedwetting Alarms

Bedside bedwetting alarm use a moisture sensitive mat or pad that is connected to beside alarm. Instead of the sensor being connected to the underwear, the user sleeps on a mat that detects urine when bedwetting occurs. The mat triggers the alarm that beeps and vibrates to wake up the user. Some alarms such as the Chummie Bedwetting Alarms offer light alerts as well to wake up the user and offer enhanced visibility in dark areas.


We recommend bedside bedwetting alarms for teens and adults. Bedside bedwetting alarms offer unparalleled comfort compared to wearable alarms. These alarms are placed on the table-top and the user can freely move in bed without any wires connected on their clothing.

The best bedside alarm at One Stop Bedwetting is also our newest alarm. The all new Guardian bedside bedwetting alarm is unique. It comes with a soft cotton cloth mat. We have the Guardian alarm available in a 1 mat or a 2 mat system for added convenience. If remote monitoring is important for you, try the Boost bedside alarm. This alarm can be expanded easily by purchasing additional alarm units and connecting them together. Now the user and the caregiver/parent can be notified when a bedwetting event occurs.

If you prefer to use a mat with excellent detection and proven technology, Chummie offers the Pro bedside bedwetting alarm.

This buyers guide offers bedwetting help, bedwetting videos and bedwetting tips. At One Stop Bedwetting our goal is to provide the best bedwetting alarms for adult bedwetting, bedwetting in teenagers and bedwetting for boys and girls.

For further help check out Choosing a Bedwetting Alarm, How Bedwetting Alarms Work, and our Bedwetting Alarms Resource Center.

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