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Adult Bed Wetting Alarms for Women

Nocturnal enuresis is the medical term for nighttime bed wetting. Adult bed wetting in women is not uncommon. Many women suffer from different types of incontinence in throughout their life. Adult women may resort to adult diapers, bladder control exercises and bed wetting alarms among possible bed wetting solutions to stop nighttime wetting.

Causes of Adult Bed Wetting in Women

There can be several reasons of adult bed wetting in women and these are usually different from what may cause bed wetting in adult men. Here are some reasons why women may wet the bed.

  • Bed wetting may result from childbirth, menopause and pelvic organ prolapse
  • Stress from family life, work life and other stress may lead to bed wetting in adult women
  • If either parent wet the bed, then the woman is likely to become an adult bedwetter
  • Small, underdeveloped bladder may also be a reason for adult bed wetting in women
  • Some other medical conditions may cause bedwetting which should be addressed

Choosing Adult Bed Wetting Alarms for Women

For adult bed wetting women, our specialists recommend bedside bed wetting alarms. These alarms offer enhanced comfort so bedwetters can sleep naturally in their bed.

  • Bedside bed wetting alarms come with plastic or cloth mat pads. Select the right alarm
  • If loud sounds are an issue, get a bed wetting alarm which also vibrates at night
  • Choose an alarm from a site which specializes in adult incontinence supplies
  • Read alarm reviews and customer testimonials before choosing a bed wetting alarm
  • Since most alarms are non-returnable, make sure you are aware of warranty and support

Adult Bed Wetting Solutions for Women

Before starting a treatment to stop bedwetting, it’s important to understand the underlying cause and what may be alleviating the problem, then resorting to a bedwetting solution is advisable.

  • Get advice from a medical practitioner and determine what’s causing the bed wetting
  • Try stress reducing techniques and balance work-family life
  • Cut back on caffeinated drinks and sodas which may cause bed wetting
  • Set alerts at night to wake up and use the bathroom; this way the bed will be dry
  • If you have constipation, that may be one of the reasons of bed wetting in adult women

Bed Wetting Alarms for Adult Women Expectations

We recommend that a plan be created prior to using the bed wetting alarm. Set goals and prepare for the treatment which can last several months. Here are some realistic expectations.

  • It may take several months to stop bed wetting even with an alarm
  • You may not wake up at first, but eventually you will start to get up to the alarm
  • Be motivated and don’t give up when you miss a night and wet the bed
  • Train on alarm use, watch alarm videos and carefully read all instructions
  • Have a set of extra clothing handy at night to change and get back to bed

Alarms for Adult Bed Wetting Women

A bedwetting alarm can train the brain to build a better brain bladder communication and may teach the adult bedwetter woman not to wet the bed at night.

  • On detecting urination, the alarm wakes up the bedwetter woman
  • Gradually, bedwetters learn to wake up before the alarm goes off
  • The brain bladder communication is established and the bedwetter woman stops bed wetting
  • Unlike medication, bed wetting alarms have no side effects
  • Affordable, convenient and comfortable alarms designed for adult bed wetting women

Tips for Adult Bed Wetting Alarm for Women

The complete bed wetting treatment may take time and that is why we have some tips to get you going. These tips are recommended by our bed wetting specialists.

  • Make it a habit to monitor your nightly progress with the alarm
  • You may skip a night, but don’t let it dishearten you
  • Purchase spare bed wetting alarm mats and waterproof bedding for your mattress
  • Be optimistic throughout the treatment. Have to I can do it attitude
  • Our bedwetting specialists are here to help you, so reach out to them for tips and advice on adult bed wetting in women.

Testimonials from Adult Women Bedwetters

"A bedwetting alarm is a much more logical choice over adult bed wetting diapers. More convenient, more affordable and best of all, they actually did stop bed wetting at night." - Daisy

"Choosing the right alarm for adult bed wetting in women was not as difficult as I thought. I use the alarm selector tool at One Stop Bedwetting and it directed me to the best alarm for me." - Cheryl

"If you are wondering about how to stop bedwetting, then a bed wetting alarm will work for you. It works for different types of incontinence in adult women. I recommend it." - Wanda


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