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How to Stop Wetting the Bed in Teenagers

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How to stop wetting the bed is a priority issue for teenage bedwetters. If you have a teenage who wets the bed you are not alone, millions of children, teens and adults battle bedwetting each night in the US alone.

What is nocturnal enuresis or nighttime bedwetting?

Nocturnal enuresis or nighttime bedwetting is the intermittent incontinence while sleeping during nighttime. In simple terms nocturnal enuresis is the involuntary urination that occurs at night when asleep.

In your battle towards nighttime bedwetting we are here to help. At One Stop Bedwetting specialize in bedwetting and you can discuss your needs with us. Together we can find the best solution to put an end to wetting the bed permanently.


Measures adopted by bedwetter teen boys and girls

Sometimes teens resort to using the bathroom at set intervals during the night and at other times limit the fluid intake before going to bed, all with little or no luck at all.

How to stop wetting the bed could mean adopting one of many bedwetting solutions, with a simple goal which is to end bedwetting tonight. Some teens resort to natural remedies while others prefer to use a bedwetting alarm which is designed specially for teens. With either of these two ongoing treatments, teen bedwetters can use waterproof beddings to sleep dry at night.


Tips on how to stop wetting the bed in teenagers

If a teenager wets the bed, its worth considering a treatment options which is likely to deliver results soon. Parents of a teen wetting the bed would have already resorted to using waterproof or protective bedding to absorb urine during nighttime.

Some strategies you can adopt on how to stop wetting the bed for a teenager

  • Constipation can result in bed wetting. Constipation could be the bed wetting culprit for some teens. Sometimes teenagers are unlikely to share this information, but it’s important to get to the root of the problem and have a word with them. If constipation is a problem it’s best to consult with a doctor.
  • Performing bladder exercises. Sometimes bladder exercises might help stop wetting the bed. The bladder can be strengthened and taught to better control itself with exercises. One such exercise is to hold the urine for a little longer prior to using the bathroom; this will help strengthen bladder control over time. Please seek medical advice before practicing such types of exercises.
  • Bedwetting Medication. Sometimes doctors might recommend medication to stop wetting the bed. Although certain teens and parents might resort to this option, one must remember that bedwetting medication has its side effects, its essential to discuss these options with your doctor prior to making a decision.
  • Say no to caffeinated products before sleeping. Caffeine simulates the bladder to produce more urine. So, drinks with caffeine should be avoided such as coffee, tea, colas, energy drinks, etc. You don’t need to stop these foods completely, just enjoy them during the daytime.
  • Consider using waterproof beddingswaterproof beddings Some teens use plastic sheets to protect the bed from bed wetting accidents. Plastic sheets are uncomfortable and we understand that. Here at One Stop Bedwetting we offer a large variety of bedwetting pads for bedwetters. These waterproof bed pads offer a more comfortable sleep and protect your bed at the same time. It’s recommended to have a teenager use a bed pad in conjunction with the adopted treatment.
  • Don’t blame your teen for bedwetting. Bedwetting is not your child’s fault. No teenage boy or girl would like to wet the bed. Blaming or punishing won’t help stop wetting the bed. It might only worsen the situation.
  • Make it a routine to use the bathroom before bedtime. Form a habit of using the bathroom before going to bed. Since your teen empties the bladder, this could lead to a lower chance of nighttime bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis.
  • Drink more liquids during daytime. Let your teen drink more liquids during the daytime, such as school hours. This will limit the liquid intake at night and just prior to going to bed, which could result in lesser bedwetting accidents. If he/she is thirsty you must let them drink water.
  • Remove the odors and stain from your bed.  Sleeping on a bed that smells of urine is nothing but hard. Choosing the right stain remover would help your teen sleep more comfortably. So it’s advisable to get a stain remover that solves the purpose.
  • Consider using a bedwetting alarm designed for Teenagers. Bedwetting alarm is a device that wakes up a child with volume and vibration, similar to a gentle tap upon detecting urine. Some of these bedwetting alarms or enuresis alarms have settings for both deep sleepers and regular sleepers. When using an alarm continuously for a few weeks your teen will wake up sooner and sooner and finally beat the alarm and achieve dryness permanently.


There are two types of bedwetting alarms that are recommended for teenagers to stop wetting the bed permanently.

Bed side bedwetting alarm:Bedwetting Alarm In this type of alarm, the bedwetter simply places the bed mat under a dry cotton sheet and connects it to the bed-side alarm for a comfortable and stress free sleep. This bedwetting alarm is highly recommended by doctor and parents. Bed-side alarms are a great alternative for individuals who do not prefer using a wearable alarm.

Wearable bedwetting alarm:Bedwetting Alarm In this type of alarm the bedwetting sensor is attached to the outside of the underwear, upon detecting the urine it triggers the alarm to wake up the teen. We recommend wearable alarms for children, however there are some teens who request a wearable alarm over a bedside alarm. Discuss your teens comfort level prior to ordering a bedwetting alarm.


How to stop wetting the bed is challenging and we understand it. We have listed our best bedwetting alarms for teens. If you prefer, you can use our personalized alarm selector to choose the best bedwetting alarm.

Best Bedwetting Alarms for Teenagers

Stop Wetting the Bed in Teenagers

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This article is intended as a general guide only and should not replace the advice of a doctor or qualified medical professional.