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Enuretic Alarms, Solutions & Treatment for an Enuretic Child

What is enuresis and enuretic?

Enuresis is most commonly known as bedwetting, it’s the medical term used for not being able to control the flow of urine and involuntary urination.


What does enuretic mean?

An enuretic is an individual who has daytime or nighttime wetting problems after an age when a person should be able to control his or her bladder.


Types of enuresis

There are two types of enuresis: primary enuresis and secondary enuresis.

Primary nocturnal enuresis

This is passing urine during sleep by a child 5 year or older who has never achieve nighttime dryness. This is further subdivided into the children who also have nighttime enuresis and children who also have daytime enuresis symptoms.

Secondary nocturnal enuresis

This is passing urine during sleep by a child who developed this condition at least 6 months or even few years later after having learnt to control his or her bladder.


How common is enuresis?

An enuretic child is often described as a heavy sleeper who fails to awaken when they have full bladder to void. Estimate suggest 7% of boys and 3% girls wet the bed till age 10, As they grow older many children out grow this problem only 1% male and less then even 1% female have this disorder at age 18.


What causes a person to become enurectic?

Many factors may be involved when a person becomes enuretic. Some of which are listed below.

  1. A small bladder.
  2. Heavy sleeper who fails to awaken when bladder is full.
  3. Urinary tract infection.
  4. Sever stress.

We’ve listed some enuretic treatment options to better manage nocturnal enuresis in children.

  1. Restricting fluid intake after the evening meal. Do not limit fluids if the child is thirsty.
  2. Bladder training to enlarge the bladder capacity. Please consult your doctor if this option prior to adopting any exercise.
  3. Bedwetting medication to control an overactive bladder.
  4. Dry bed training technique called positive imaginary. This is an enuretic treatment option when you think waking up dry. This can help some children stop bedwetting.
  5. Rewarding for waking up dry also works.
  6. Using enuretic alarm for an enuretic child. Approximately 70% of enuresis cases respond to an enuretic treatment with these moisture alarms. Bedwetting alarms are an excellent enuretic solution.
  7. Bedwetting AlarmsUsing enuretic alarm for an enuretic child. Approximately 70% of enuresis cases respond to an enuretic treatment with these moisture alarms. Bedwetting alarms are an excellent enuretic solution.


Tips for dealing with an enuretic child

Bedwetting can be distressing for children and it may lead to social isolation and low self esteem. It’s very essential for parents to understand their child bedwetting problems and find the best enuretic solution to stop bedwetting in effective way. Parents need to know what’s going on in their child’s mind and how to support them. Reprimands and punishment are not appropriate and only make matters worse. The child needs to be encouraged and have hope and confidence that there is an ideal enuretic treatment for him/her and that the problem will overcome soon.


Enuretic alarms for children

Enurectic alarms are among the most effective and safest enuretic treatments. Enuretic alarms use a specially designed moisture sensor placed on child’s pajama which triggers an alarm when urination starts. Some enuretic alarms are designed to awaken the child with a goal to finish urinating in that bathroom. Slowly this enuretic alarm builds a brain and bladder connection and within 4 to 6 weeks the child starts getting up on his own beating the alarm and stop bedwetting permanently, thus providing an effective enuretic solution.


Things to consider before buying enuretic alarm

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Comfortable bedwetting sensor that should not poke the child
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Wire should be long enough to be used by older children.
  5. Reliable brand trusted by doctors and parents. Such as the Chummie Family of Bedwetting Alarms.
  6. Durable even if falls by accident.
  7. If wireless check to see the range and interference if any.
  8. Enuretic Alarms must stay in place even when the children tosses and turns during the night.
  9. Consider the number of tones and loudness of alarm
  10. Alarm should have vibrate mode for discreet use
  11. Batteries must be easily replaceable if need be
  12. Ideal enruetic treatment involving an alarm should cost less than about $100


Types of enuretic alarms

There are two broad types of enuretic alarms for an effective enuretic treatment namely wearable enuretic alarms and bedside enuretic alarms. Both types of alarms can provide an effective enuresis solution.

Wearable Enuretic Alarms

One of the most popular type of bedwetting or enuretic alarms for children and teens. The cord runs from the sensor which is attached to the child or teens pajama to an audible alarm that is attached to the pajama top near shoulder. The enuretic alarm is loud enough to awaken the child when bedwetting happens. Parents should assist the child to the bathroom to finish urinating if need be and help the child change the bed sheets to continue to get back to bed again . After few days children get up on their own with the help of the alarms sound and slowly within just a few weeks they stop wetting the bed permanently and wake up dry.

Choose from the best enuretic alarms for an ideal enuretic solution


  • Chummie Premium Enuretic Alarm – This enuresis alarm has 8 selectable tons, loud volume, vibration and soft silicon sensor with large urine detection area and is doctor recommended.
  • Chummie Elite Enuretic Alarm – Provides with 5 loud tones, vibration, soft silicon sensor comes in four different colors. This is an award winning enuresis alarm.
  • Smart Enuretic Alarm Alarms – A child friendly alarm with 8 alert tones and loud volume. This enuresis has a fast detect clip sensor comes with interchangble face stickers to keep your child motivated.
  • Shield Prime Enuretic Alarm - This Low cost money saving enuresis alarm has 1 tone, vibration and includes a clip sensor and a reward system.

Bedside Enuretic Alarms

These enuresis alarms are perfect for teens and adults. Some children who don’t like wearable alarms prefer bedside alarms. In this type of bed-side alarm the bed wetter sleeps on the mat that detects the urine. The alarm unit is attached to the mat with a wire that is kept on the bedside near you. When bedwetting starts the alarm triggers and alerts the user to empty their bladder. Within few weeks it helps teens stop bedwetting permanently and monitors adult bedwetting.

Best bed side enuretic alarms for teens and adults Alarms


  • Chummie PRO Enuretic Alarm Alarms - This perfect bedside enuresis alarm comes with a pvc (plastic) mat that has large urine detection area. This large area detects the very first drop of urine. Upon detection the alarm unit starts beeping and vibrating to alert the user to use the toilet. The bed mat and alarm are both easy to use and clean for immediate reuse.
  • Boost Enuretic Alarm - This comfortable bedside enuresis alarm has cloth mat which detects urine and alerts the user or caretaker when a bedwetting accident occurs.
  • Guardian Enuretic Alarm - Our top of the line enuresis alarm includes a waterproof cloth mat. This detects urine and protects your bed at the same time. An excellent option for teens and adult bedwetting.

Wireless Enuretic Alarms

In a wireless enuretic alarm the bedwetting sensor is worn on the pajama and alarm is kept on bedside that communicate wirelessly. One must always ascertain the range for these types of alarms to functions properly.


Waterproof Bedding for Enuretic Children

In addition to using an enuresis alarm for your enuretic child, teen or adult. We recommend using waterproof bedding to protect your bed. These waterproof beddings are more comfortable than plastic sheets which were traditionally used for bedding. These waterproof bed pads protect your mattress from any accidental urine leaks.


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